Procurement of Eco-innovative Office Canteen Services

What is being procured?

INNOCAT partner Environment Park (EnviPark) is an innovation accelerator for businesses looking to use eco-efficient solutions to expand their markets.

Lead buyer ARPA Piemonte employs around 300 workers, approximately 100 of whom eat meals in the staff canteen. As well as food, it is responsible for paying all of the energy and water costs associated with running the canteen. The organisation is interested in using eco-innovative processes to reduce these costs.

Two priority areas have been identified: waste reduction and energy saving through the procurement of more energy efficient catering equipment. These will provide both financial benefits and impact in terms of improved sustainability.

Next Steps

ARPA Piemonte's current contract is due to end in December 2016. By this point, a set of guidelines and technical specifications will have been produced to ensure that the next contract is energy efficient and minimises waste.

Join the Buyers Group

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