Join the Suppliers Group

Are you a supplier of an eco-innovative catering solution?

The buyers involved in INNOCAT will publish a series of tenders for eco-innovative catering solutions in the following areas:

In order to find the most suitable eco-innovative solution available on the market, a thorough market consultation process will take place through the project. A number of activities will be organised to identify, register and engage suppliers of eco-innovative catering solutions, which meet the procurement needs of the INNOCAT Buyers Group.

Don’t miss this opportunity! If you are a supplier of an eco-innovative solution for the catering sector, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Contact us on and provide us with the following information:

  • What eco-innovative solution, technology or technique for food catering (including the provision of vending machines) can you offer?
  • Describe the stage of market penetration of the eco-innovative solution (e.g. new to the European internal market, first application or commercialisation, etc.)?
  • Have you ever supplied your products and services to a public authority?